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Sesungguhnya jauh berjalan, luas pandang ke pemandangan. After the Langkawi trip, tetiba my girlfriend Yatie from high-school ajak pegi Pulau Tioman. Hey another island retreat? come on mana boleh let go peluang yang ada...


15 - 18 MAY 2014

The entire trip mostly plan by Yatie. I myself and another friend just bawak badan and a car for my case ..oh and money as well. Punya la pening nak pilih which station nak pilih kan since Pulau Tioman ada few station yang menarik but finally we chose to stay at Kampung Juara. This area actually can be reach by ferry but if datang dengan big group can be arrange la..but small group kena stop at Jeti Kg Tekek then the chalet provider will pick-up you with the 4-wheel drive..for like 15 minutes drive. Uphill drive okay..

We all drove from Shah Alam around 11.30 pm and reached exit Air Hitam around 2.00 am. I was the one who drove so faham2 je la laju nya cmner kan? But driving at night time kan memang smooth je and traffic was good too on that time. Once reached the exit, my friend plak drive and I should be thankful not volunteer to take turn on this route sebab jalan kampung Kluang-Mersing adalah sangat memualkan. hahah jalan berbukit2 dalam gelap..haish tak tahu area ape pun yang kita lalu. 

Selepas dah lalu jalan yang bumpy sampai kelawar melekat kat kereta around 4 am we reached the Mersing jetty area. Sebab dah tau nak buat ape since the ferry only departed on 7.30 am so we all lepak one mamak restaurant yang mostly penuh dengan other tourists yang memang nak tunggu ferry. By the way you may also reach jetty Mersing by bus. The bus will stop by the road side and only few minutes walk to reach the jetty area. The area memang mati awal pagi takde ape pun but quite busy during day time.  

We all parking kereta kat one uncle house yg mmg buat service parking nie. Ada yang parking side betul2 next to the jetty point however when we approached the area still not open and I don't even know when they will open or how to masuk pun. So malas nak fikir parking rumah uncle yang about 2-3 minutes walk je to jetty point. For 3 days 2 night charge parking adalah RM30 sahaja. Terus bayar eh dan laman kawasan rumah uncle tue x besar mana so kalau dah penuh cari la alternative lain. Ada gak yang ada roof kalau sayang kereta. I sayang gak kereta tue tapi dah takde rezeki BECKY nak berteduh bawah bumbung. haha *BECKY is my car's name*

Tiket ferry dah beli siap2 included in the package so just pegi collect at the counter, but you kena mentioned for tiket balik juge ye. sbb dia akan terus bagi the tickets. At the same time they will give you jetty boarding pass color coded according to your station. Jangan lupa you must pay the Marine Park fees for RM10 for adult. 

Ferry took about almost 2 hours to reached the first station. The first station rasanya Nipah Village kot. But we stopped at Kg Tekek station and don't worry the jetty in a good-developed-condition. Bukan la jeti kayu kan.. 

Ini search from google images je. So nampak kan juara tue located at the other side of the island?

Bila dah sampai the jetty , staff or maybe family owner of the Mutiara Juara Resort came to picked up us with their 4wd and the journey to juara area around 20 - 30 minutes dengan jalan berbukit bukau. Jalan dia bukan la sempurna berturap tapi acceptable la the condition so don't worry jangan imagine jalan merah atau lopak2 sangat la ye. haha

Deluxe Twin Chalet @ Juara Mutiara Resort

Package 3D2N 
Price/Package/Person (Minimum 6 peoples)
Twin Sharing RM 400
Triple Sharing RM 380
Quad Sharing RM 370
Budget RM 350
Package Inclusive:
~Return Ferry & Land Transport
~Island Hopping to Coral Island, Marine Park & Duty Free
~Meals (Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner+BBQ)
Package 4D3N 
Price/Package/Person (Minimum 6 peoples)
Twin Sharing RM 500
Triple Sharing RM 480
Quad Sharing RM 470
Budget RM 450
Package Inclusive:
~Return Ferry & Land Transport
~Island Hopping to Coral Island, Marine Park & Duty Free
~Water Fall Trip
~Meals (Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner+BBQ)

For more information of Juara Mutiara Resort please visit their website:
We all ambik package 3d2n triple sharing so the price of the package is MYR 380. Seaview Chalet. They also accept minimum 2 persons for the package price. Kalau sorang ada la surcharge.

Since travel bertiga we all ambik  triple sharing package dan ini rupa biliknya. Ini gambar courtesy of the resort's website.

Yang hebat nya. for the first time travel and stay at local resort the bathroom ada bath tub okay?? Hebat kan? 

Bukak je pintu nie la view nya. Actually sangat cantik membiru langit dan air yg crystal clear tapi malangnya memang x gemar sangat bergambar. So takde la gambar banyak sangat. But banyak masa diabiskan dengan berendam je la. Floating la jugak barang seminit-dua ahahah.. tapi the water warm a bit so memang berendam 2-3 jam pun takde hal.  

Review Juara Mutiara Resort and Kg Juara, Pulau Tioman :

1. Location , Location , Location. Ceh cam marketing study plak. Location was a bit outskirt from the rest of the station, but trust me ia sangat berbaloi walau naik keta 4WD bumpy pun. If you search on the net, Kg Juara pernah nominated as one of the best beaches in Malaysia. Sangat setuju! Juara Mutiara Resort is  one of the few resort available there as there is very limited number of resort there. dalam 3 je ada kat situ

2. If you want to enjoy the beach without any other entertainment this is the place. Sebab takde benda lain yang boleh di offer selain laut dan pantai yang indah tue. No other entertainment such as pub or cafe selain cafe operated by the resort itself. Sangat sunyi dah agak mati bila malam hari. But don't worry kat kampung tue ada kedai runcit and klinik kesihatan (KK). 

3. Food provided by the resort quite nice and acceptable. Their western selection was good as well and they served one of the best club sandwiches and Crepe Suzette I've ever tasted so far. Saya bagi 4 bintang! hahah. BBQ? not so good but they do not served seafood sangat since the island itself was gazetted  as marine park so x boleh tangkap ikan for selling. Mostly island macam nie food memang mahal so better ambik package yang included makanan sebab even bayar mahal skit but better than you spend daily on every meal time (breakfast, lunch and dinner) even most of the time makan chicken je.

4. The room condition also not bad, with air conditioned, flat-screen tv with ASTRO (FOX Movies included my favorite), stand shower and bath tub dah sangat selesa dengan pressure air yang sgt consisten (certain island air x baper nak kuat pressure nya).

5. The package included with one time snorkeling trip. Selalunya if the resort penuh maka you will join with other group so if uoals jenis memilih sikit better tanya resort management boleh x buat satu trip je utk your group. Kerana tak nak join foreigners maka we all skipped the snorkeling trip. rasa rugi tapi malas nak citer benda yang dah lepas.

Conclusion : next time boleh pergi lagi this place even tak happening sebab the view and the sea sangat cantikkk..


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