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Orang cakap jauh berjalan luas pandangan. Ceh guna pepatah bagai. But I believed that travelling or vacation will benefits for your mind and health. 2013 was not the best year of my life. After 3 years (first attack in 2010) never had any serious epilepsy attack, I've down with epilepsy on December 2013. Quite serious till I've to taken the medicine back after I stopped taking it by myself due to the bad effects to my skin and emotion. So one of the advise from the doctor is to go for holiday to release stress. Tapi doctor tue tak cakap kena pegi banyak kali pun. haha but this year I've traveled to few places, mostly repeated destination but still I had a good time at each destination. One thing, the reason I was happily travelling because during that time I was about to move on from a tragic-relationship. Break off with someone that you dearly love was not a good experience but I'm survived. Some says that if you can travel far from the past means you already move on from your past as well.   


LANGKAWI 15 - 18 APR 2014

4 days at Langkawi? I bought the ticket during Malindo promotion sales in November 2013. Returned ticket for 01 person was only cost me about RM75. I was excited to try this new airline as it was just launched about 4 months on that time if I'm not mistaken. Since I first fly with Malindo in November 2013 to Johor Bahru, Malindo become my favorite low cost airline since I hate fly with Air Asia as buying the ticket was a bit hassle for me with so many charges here and there especially during their so-called-zero-fare promotion. Flying with Malindo even though consider as low cost airlines , I feel like fly with those full service airlines. No payment charges (AA charge RM5-10 per person/per way if using credit card for payment if I'm not mistaken), free snacks (crackers and mineral water but still? it was free) , new aircraft ( I prefer flying with Boeing aircraft than Airbus aircraft, don't ask me why I've made my own research about these two brand of aircraft) and the most important part? Free 15kg check-in allowance baggage. You may pay if you want to top-up. But travel domestic je kan, ape ada hal? 

Travelling alone was not something new for me. I'm proud of myself that I can arranged everything on my own and paling penting selamat okay. During that time, my flight departed from KLIA since I chose the ticket fly from there, you may opted to fly from Subang airport too but it wasn't on sales during my travel date. 

By the way the plan to go Langkawi was actually my colleague's idea; Zaini and his kawan-kawan sekolah from Melaka and I just trust him and tetiba ikut beli tiket. I'm glad that they're extremely friendly and it was a good start for us to plan for more trip after this Langkawi trip. I suddenly become their clique and even we've our own group on Whatsapps called as Moh Holiday!

Presenting ... The Rambut Ramlah Ram Lurus Holiday Group

It was the group password. Okay tipu tapi entah mana datang lawak pasal si melah nie. 

Zaini (the front next to me), Zul at the back and Faizal the one with topi yang baru je beli masa tue. 

I stayed at this new inn that I found at website. Oh man I hooked with this website since then and tetiba rasa tak best macam I booked the room in March 2014 after many hours of survey on net and decided to just give a try to this new place called as 8 DOORS INN. Located at Cenang area and it was nearby to the Underwater World Langkawi. Just walking distance to the duty free shop (at Underwater World) and other souvenir shop. It was budget inn but since it was new so the furnishing still in a good condition. I paid RM147 for 03 nights stay and good thing about the room only paid when you check-in so good for those who do not have any access for online payment..the rating? for me it was worth the money you paid for it even though I can only rate the place for 3.5/5. Why 3.5? The room was bit small even though I've been upgraded from single standard room to double superior room as it was on low season. I don't want to know the size of the standard room. Could be same, only the bedding type was different I guess.  But it just nice for you to rest for a while and have a sleep. But the amenities just as good as other budget hotel; air-condition without the remote control (don't ask me why) and flat-screen TV provided. No other furniture other than the bed. Seriously no cupboard or side table. But sadly the bathroom was too small even for my medium-chubby-short size. But again since it was new so still acceptable for me and I'm good with it even I had a hard time to turned myself during shower . Mana nak bukak pintu kalau dah kecik sangat kan? and their room was not good for couples or family with small kids since the wall was not sound-proof at all. I was awake on my second night cause of this one Russian lady decided to called her relative back home in the middle of the night at the room corridor. Sumpah malam tue mimpi macam travel pegi Moscow. For RM49.00 per night I think I can tolerate la setakat hal cam tue. Rumah aku pun bukan bungalow kan nak demand sgt. haha

It was on low season so everything seems cheaper including food and rental car rate. From my experience, renting a car was not a big deal at Langkawi so during touch down you may find so many agents waiting for you to book their car at the arrival hall so before you pickup your luggage you may survey the price first. Choose wisely okay? Since I'm going to drive alone - no sharing so I chose Viva with automatic transmission and cost me about RM130 for 4 days usage. Hmm a good offer kan? But the car was not in a good condition, macam dah accident je, kemek sana sini. 

4 days itinerary

1st day

My flight arrived at around 2.00 pm and Zaini group sampai dalam 5 or 6 pm. So lepas check-in terus pegi Underwater world to survey chocolate's price at the 2 duty free shop over there bukan sahaja chocolate tetapi pinggan mangkuk juge. Hajat dihati nak beli Visions and Corning Ware. Murah tapi tak semurah dulu kot. Selepas group ZAINI tue sampai terus pegi dinner kat sebuah kedai yang hampir putus asa semasa mencarinya. HAHA!

2nd day

Breakfast di kedai entah mana la kan. Then we straightway go to the cable car station nearby to the Berjaya Langkawi. Mungkin sebab ZAINI ikut maka it was off due to maintenance. It was weekly  scheduled  maintenance. Remember Langkawi Cable Car will off for service on every Wednesday. Sebabkan tak dapat naik maka we all pun pusing-pusing and posing-posing sahaja.

Ini je post yang terbaik dari saya. haha

After lunch, we decided to go for Island hopping trip. Paid around RM25-28 per person. Pegi ramai-ramai baru best kan? We visited the Dayang Bunting Island and Beras Basah Island. If your not have a good stamina you may skip this Dayang Bunting Island, sebab semput gak nak jalan pegi the lake. But the view was breathtaking and if pandai swimming lagi la best because the water was crystal clear. Before pegi Beras Basah Island we stopped for a while in the middle of the sea to feed the eagle yang nampak sangat dah bosan org bagi makan. dia macam tak hadap sgt la.Beras Basah Island pun was nice and we all stop lama gak untuk mandi dan berendam. After that we headed back to the jetty and balik dalam kelaparan. 

Night time we all pergi jalan2 Kuah night market. Must visit destination kot kan. Pegi la even biasa-biasa sahaja makanannya. 

3rd day

Misi ZAINI ke Langkawi adalah naik cable car. So the rest of the gang re-visited the Cable Car sebab it was Zaini's wish list. But I was not keen to that idea since it was not advisable for epilepsy patient and satu lagi saya gayat. hahah so I went pusing2 Kuah town alone sampai fuel empty kau and had my lunch too. Survey mana kedai jual Daim, Peppero , Whitakkers dan juga frying pan idaman yang murah. Yes I bought a Frying Pan!! Beli chocolates banyak sgt budget cam balik naik kereta kan? The truth is I'm flying with 15kg baggage allowance je ooi..sampai beli extra luggage ok. I had a hard time to pack and to be safe during bag check in.. I had to bring in a hand carry bag that weight around 11kg. nasib lepas tapi seksa gak nak masuk kan dalam cabin compartment. 

4rd day

My flight was scheduled at 3.15pm and I'm all ready to check-out at 12 and since I knw I had more spare time before check-in I stopped by at the famous laksa-ikan-sekoq (Kedah slang kan?). Sedap la jugak..feeling sangat makan tepi pantai menghadap laut sambil dengar the sound of the flight take-off and landing at the back since it was near to the airport.

Upload gambar ini kat instagram and facebook. Lepas tue caption tersalah cakap air kelapa as air kepala. Habis kena bahan..otak kuning betul la korang nie!

Okay done. Very long entry since it was 4 days 3 nights trip. And by now as per today, I just booked a flight ticket to Langkawi for my February 2015 trip. Kau dah kenapa baiti ooi? HAHA

To be continued


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